Why I collect

I remember when I was kid there was nothing like getting a new action figure for my birthday or Christmas. The earliest memory I have is getting a Lion-0 action figure and thinking about how much it looks just like the cartoon. It had the Sword of Omens and Claw shield.rainbow_toys_liono There was very little articulation but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that it was a tangible piece of something I really enjoyed and could make my own stories about. I remember my brother and I would get these encyclopedia books(the Internet before the Internet) my parents had and using them to make mazes and hideouts for our action figures.

Now that I’m older, I like to spread it around as far as what I collect. For a little while in college I collected TCG cards from series like Yu-Gi-Oh, Vs. System and Magic the Gathering. marvel-vs-box-83865_1Later I started to build up a pretty nice collection of PS2 games. Once I moved to Austin I started reading comics pretty regularly. I began to frequent a local shop called Austin Books and Comics. I was going so frequently the owner began to recognize me as I walked in and knew to grab my pull list. I was buying pretty much everything Marvel was putting out from 2007 to 2011. Soon I began to digitize my collection and no longer had to go to the comic shop. Digital comics are great, but it can’t replace the feeling of going into a store and buying something tangible so I began to look for something new to collect. Around this time I was also watching a lot of Optibotimus transformer figure reviews. I wasn’t buying them yet because I thought I was getting too old for that kind of stuff. It wasn’t until I went into a Walmart and happened to see a Generations Wheeljackhas19800 on clearance for 8 bucks and had a pang of nostalgia about one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I don’t remember getting any Transformers when I was a kid but my neighbor across the street had a Trypticon that he brought over to my house once and we played with it in my driveway. Buying Wheeljack started me on a new road of collecting that eventually got me into Marvel Legends. These things are awesome! Mostly faithful recreations of characters I have been reading about for most of life now in the palm of my hand. The first Marvel Legends figure I ever purchased was the Hit Monkey wave Archangel.archangel-15 This is, hands down, my favorite character and favorite piece in my collection. It just gives me that euphoric feeling of nostalgia whenever I pass it or pose it.

That feeling is at the heart of why I collect. That good feeling of finding a figure at retail or on eBay for a great price or talking to like-minded individuals who share the same interests. I don’t know what I’ll add next to my collection, but it will most definitely be something that gives me that nostalgic feeling.


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