Marvel Unlimited 1/2-1/7/2017

Marvel Unlimited is Marvels on demand comic subscription service that offers an impressive catalogue of over 17,000 comics and growing. Each week, new comics are added as well as older issues. There is a 6 month gap between physical releases and when they arrive on the app.

The library can be filtered based on series, character, creators, comic events and publication date. You can customize your own library with series or comics you like to read or want to catch up on. You can even download up to 12 issues to read while offline.

I am currently catching up on the Chris Claremont/John Byrne run of Uncanny X-men. This duo created some of my all time favorite story lines with the X-men. When I think about classic X-men, theirs are the stories I think about.

I am also trying to read the X-Cutioners Song, but the X-Force issues for this crossover are missing. That’s one of my only criticisms of the service. Some series are incomplete and trying to read through a crossover like this is annoying when you have parts of the story missing. The bright side is that they are constantly adding back issues so my hope is that eventually X-Force and other series are eventually made complete.

This weeks additions to the app are listed on the Marvel release calendar.


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