Figure Preview


2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Darkhawk

Good news everyone!(Professor Farnsworth voice) We’re finally getting a Darkhawk figure in the 6 inch scale. We previously got a version in the 3 inch scale. Darkhawk has never had, to my knowledge any interactions with the Guardians, but I believe the Guardians line will be where we get cosmic Marvel figures.


Darkhawk doesn’t appear to come with any accessories other than the Titus Build-A-Figure head. That’s not that big a deal because I can’t really think of anything they could have given him. In later appearances he gained access to abilities that allowed him to manifest weapons on his arms. It may be a bit much to ask Hasbro to throw in alternate arms for a character that isn’t that popular.

So, who is Darkhawk?

Chris Powell is the alter ego of the hero Darkhawk. He witnessed his father taking a bribe from a crime boss at an abandoned amusement park. While there, he found a mysterious amulet that allowed him to switch places with a powerful android he controls with his mind.


He originally had his own series that ran from 1991 to 1995, spanning 50 issues. He was created by writer Tom DeFalco and artist Mike Manley.

I have never read any of them. My first exposure to the character was in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #353.


He later ran with the New Warriors for a little while before fading into limbo for a little while. I later came across him in an issue of Nova where he was working as security for Project Pegasus. This eventually led to him getting caught up in the War of Kings storyline where we learn more about the history of the amulet that gives him his powers.


We learn that the amulet belongs to a group called the Fraternity of Raptors who were a group similar to to the Nova Corp but were mostly assassins who used their abilities to influence civilizations. During this storyline he met another Raptor who told him about other abilities he was not utilizing such as manifesting weapons on his arms.


The new Raptor eventually suppressed Chris’ mind and used him in the War of Kings, eventually killing Lilandra in the process. Chris reasserted control soon after and was branded a fugitive by the Shiar. Nova helped to clear his name in his series shortly before it was canceled.

I’m excited to finally add this character to my collection. He is currently up for preorders on Amazon individually and in the set on various other sites.



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