Marvel Unlimited Update Spotlight

marvelu1Marvel Unlimited Update Spotlight

Marvel Unlimited is Marvels on demand comic subscription service that offers an impressive catalogue of over 17,000 comics and growing. Each week, new comics are added as well as older issues. There is a 6 month gap between physical releases and when they arrive on the app.

This week the library expands with issues 2-17 and annuals 1 and 2 of The New Warriors. The original series ran for 75 issues so there is quite a bit that needs to be added, but it is cool to read about some of the teams early adventures.

Who are the New Warriors?

The New Warriors traditionally are a young team of superpowered individuals who are like the younger counterparts to the Avengers. The original team consisted of Firestar, Nova, Namorita, Speedball, Justice and the newly created Night Thrasher.

The original Night Thrasher was Dwayne Taylor. He was the founder and leader of the original incarnation of the team. His origin story seems like it was copied directly from Batman’s. His wealthy parents were murdered in front of him when he was a child. This drove him to train himself in order to exact revenge against all criminals.

Vance Astrovik also known as Justice and formerly Marvel Boy, is a mutant with the power of telekinesis. His powers originally manifested themselves prematurely after an alternate version of himself visited him to change his future.

Speedball was the jokester of the group and the one with the most potential for his powers. He gained his abilities from an accident at a research lab he was working part time in. His power manifested itself in energy bubbles and allow him to bounce around using kinetic energy.

Namorita is the cousin of Namor and possesses the same abilities as him. She died during a fight in Stamford, but was later resurrected during the Realm of Kings storyline through time displacement from a time before she died.

Firestar was originally a member of the Hellions, a group led by The White Queen Emma Frost. The characters first appearance was in the Spider-man and friends cartoon. She is a mutant with microwave based powers. She became a member of the team after she resigned from the Massachussets academy after most of her former team was killed by Trevor Fitzroy, a time traveling mutant who absorbed life energy from people.

Nova is the most accomplished of the New Warriors. After leaving the team he became an Avenger and later the Prime Nova. He joined the team after Night Thrasher threw him off a roof in an attempt to reignite his Nova powers.

The team eventually became pariahs after the events of Stamford where most of them were killed filming a reality show trying to capture some supervillains. Their actions led to the deaths of over 600 people including children. The team was reformed by the brother of Night Thrasher, who was looking for a way to change the past and save his brother and former team. A third incarnation was formed with Justice and Speedball returning along with a new team.


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