Coming soon to the DC Icons line is the Static Shock figure. The design for this figure is based on his first appearance in his original Milestone comic.  I believe I still have the 1st two issues of the original run in a box somewhere.

Who is Static?

Static was created by Milestone comic founders the late, great Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, and Michael Davis. They sought to create multicultural characters who they believed were underrepresented at the time. Static was one of the initial offerings from the company and is the most popular of their creations.

Virgil Ovid Hawkins gained his powers from a radioactive compound in an event called the Big Bang. Virgil was being bullied at school and sought revenge on his tormentor. He obtained a gun with plan of killing him. Just as he was about to attack him, a gang fight broke out out and he got caught in the middle of it.


The police soon arrived with experimental gas to disperse the crowd as well as tag anyone who ran so they could be tracked later. The company who made the marker  added something extra that caused changes in those caught in it. The media dubbed the event the “Big Bang” and everyone who obtained powers from it were called “bang babies”.


From this event a new hero was born. He soon took on the name Static and began experimenting with his powers. His first and most iconic use of his powers was when he used a garbage can lid as a means of flight. He later discovers other uses for his powers such as electromagnetic manipulation, resistance to telepathy and healing.


The figure will come with an alternate head with cap, an energy effect hand, two additional sets of hands and a yellow jacket as well as a base that you can pit him on to make him look like he is using his powers to fly. DC seems to go all out with their figures when it comes to accessories.


The figure should be released sometime this spring and preorders are currently up. I came across a listing for it on Fresh Figures, but he is going to be available pretty much anywhere DC Collectibles are sold.


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