Marvel Unlimited Update Spotlight


Marvel Unlimited Update Spotlight

Marvel Unlimited is Marvels on demand comic subscription service that offers an impressive catalogue of over 17,000 comics and growing. Each week, new comics are added as well as older issues. There is a 6 month gap between physical releases and when they arrive on the app.


This weeks spotlight falls on the Marvel Two in one series featuring The Thing. These stories followed Thing teaming up with various characters on adventures away from the Fantastic Four. The series ran for a hundred issues and had many noteworthy creators such as Jack Kirby, Chris Claremont and John Byrne.


Of the new issues added, the story featuring Starhawk, Moondragon and Adam Warlock immediately drew me in. The story follows Thing as he attempts to rescue Alicia masters from a being called Her who thinks she needs Alicia to help her locate Adam Warlock. Ben soon gets help from Starhawk who detected Her on Earth and came to investigate. Her easily defeats the two and she and Alicia soon come across Moondragon before they leave Earth. Once thing and Starhawk recover from the battle they follow in a Skull ship Mr. Fantastic had laying around.


Their journey soon brings them to the moon of Counter-Earth, a world created by the High Evolutionary. They find him dead and after another battle, Her resurrects him and he points them to their next destination in finding the body of Adam Warlock. His grave was on Counter-Earth and the planet had been abducted by aliens.


They eventually recover the planet and get to the grave where Her resurrects Warlocks body but not his soul. She leave heartbroken after putting him back in his grave.

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