Retail Adventures

Transformers Generations Alt-Modes


So I was in Walmart the other day looking for new release figures and happened to come across some Transformers blind box figures. I usually don’t buy these types of things because I prefer to know exactly what I’m buying, but I took a chance on these because I’m partial to Generation 1 Transformers. I grabbed two and checked out. I opened the first box and was happy to see it was one of my favorite Transformer characters, Sideswipe. I examined the figure, trying out the one step transformation gimmick. It consists of a flip up face that allows the alt mode to easily flip out. I thought it was neat and sat it to the side to open the next one. I noticed there was a little opening on one side large enough for me to peak into the box and see what was inside. Unfortunately I had grabbed two Sideswipe figures. I like Sideswipe, but not enough to have two of these types of figures so the second went promptly back for a refund. If I do go back for more I will be sure to shine a light in it so I don’t get another double.


The figure itself is fine for sitting on a desk in its vehicle mode, but the legs are a little flimsy in robot mode. I suspect it is because of how the transformation works. If you stand it on a flat surface and adjust the head just right, it should be fine though. Can’t say I would recommend these to everyone, however if you want a little transformers something on your desk or shelf it is okay.


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