Retail Adventures

The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Tri-Clops


I have finally got my hands on one of these MOTU Loyal Subjects figures. I had to search three different Wal-marts before I was able to find a case.

20170131_095516The figures come 12 in a case with two of each figure available. You have a chance of getting Tri-Clops(MOTU Classics edition), Trap Jaw(Cartoon edition), He-man(DC vs. MOTC), 20170131_085845Skeletor (Original toy color), Evil-lyn (Classic toy variant) and Beast Man (Mini comic edition). There are four rare chase figures that can be found if you are lucky.20170131_085757 These are a gold He-man, Anti-eternia He-man, Teela (Mini comic edition) and a flocked Beast Man. The ratios for the chase figures are crazy. He-man has a ratio of 1. Just 1. So good luck on finding that one. Teela is 1/48 and Flocked Beast Man is 1/96.

The figure I was able to get was Tri-Clops. He comes with a plain green sword and he has a holster on his back you can store it in. 20170131_090112The articulation is pretty good for a figure measuring 3 inches. You have articulation at the shoulders, wrist, waist, neck, ankles, and thighs. If you remember anything about Tri-Clops you will remember that he is a cyclops with 3 different eyes that rotate on his helmet. This part of the figure is articulated as well so you can pose him using the eye you prefer.

The figures are exclusive to Walmart and retail for around 13 bucks. A little pricy for such a small figure, but if you enjoy MOTU and are nostalgic for them, these are a pretty cool impulse buy.



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