Retail Adventures

Toy Dojo

I used to frequent a site called tfw2005 around the time I began collecting Transformers. On this site there was a section where collectors would go and let each other know when they found a figure everyone was searching for in retail stores. I joined and would post occasionally when I was out shopping. At some point through posters on the site, I became aware of a site called EdBomber. It sold Transformers and had stuff that I did not see at retail. I bookmarked it but never bought anything under that name.


Around the time Masterpiece Prowl came out I was looking for a place to buy it. I was going to use Big Bad Toy Store, but I remembered someone posting that the owner of the site was local in Austin and had an option for local pickup. Of course I chose this option to avoid paying shipping costs. Saves us both a little trouble. After this purchase I also bought Masterpiece Bluestreak from the site but had it shipped locally. This was the last Takara Tomy purchase I made for a little while.


This past Christmas however I made a list for my wife. It was a focused list of things it was acceptable for her to buy me. According to her I am hard to shop for, so I decided to help her a little. The list consisted of every Takara Tomy release I missed going back as far as Red Alert.20170131_112337 I assumed she would get one from the list and call it a day. But, to my surprise, she got 2 from the list! I was gifted Masterpiece Ironhide and Wheeljack! Two of my all time favorite bots. She did not want to order them from a website, so I suggested she go to this place in town called Toy Dojo. The owner of the site I used to purchase from opened a storefront to better serve local buyers. This place is awesome.


If there is a Transformers figure you can think of, official or third party, he most likely has it. When I went it was just to check out the place I sent her but had never been myself. There are displays showcasing figures both official and third party.20170131_112118 My favorite of the ones I saw was Mastermind Creations Kultur(aka Tarn). It is a pretty spot on representation of the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division.


I couldn’t just go and not get something, so I began to browse seriously. I began looking at some Titans Return figures and asked the shop owner Eddie if he had Perceptor. There were none in front, but he had a box in the back. He imports some figures from overseas to give his customers early access to product not yet available in the U.S. They are sold at a premium but it’s reasonable. 20170131_112124

I made my purchase and then asked if I could take a few pictures and he obliged. If you are in the area, ask Google to take you to Toy Dojo.


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