Figure Review: 2017 Marvel Select Destroyer

2017 Marvel Select Destroyer


I have never bought a Marvel Select figure before. I prefer the Marvel legends line because  of the variety and articulation. The Marvel Select figures also run in a different scale, so they would look out of place with my other figures. The only exception is when is comes to characters who should naturally be larger than others. This is the case with The Destroyer. This is a figure that wasn’t even on my radar until I had a conversation with fellow collector at Toys R Us. I began looking around at various comic shops to get a look at it and determine if I would purchase it. I ended up having to get it special ordered through Dragons Lair comic shop in Austin. I am so glad I did.


This thing is massive! It measures around 9 inches tall, so it towers over Marvel Legends in a way that just looks right. It feels solid too. Most larger Marvel Legends figures sometimes feel a little hollow and lighter than they should. That is not an issue here. The sculpt on the figure is excellent. It looks like it was peeled right out of a Thor comic.20170204_205314The paint is glossy and is shaded in areas that give the figure depth and make it stand out. The armor lines are all molded in and painted which really drive home the fact this is a suit of armor.


The articulation is not as bad as I initially thought it would be. Every Marvel Select figure I have ever seen looked very stiff and hard to get into any dynamic poses. 20170206_133243The figure has about 16 points of articulation and they are plenty for a figure that is supposed to be a suit of armor. The head looks up pretty easily, but does not look down much. The ab crunch allows it to look down enough to make it look like it is looking down. The stiff articulation just works for this guy. It feels stiff getting it into poses but it doesn’t matter.It’s kind of like a metal suit coming to life and moving.


At a retail price of 24.99, the figure is quite a bargain.Check your local comic shop and online retailers if you want to add this guy to your collection. You won’t regret it.


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