We all knew that there would be a Legends line dedicated to the new movie coming out later this year. Until now the only confirmed figure in the upcoming wave was the Build-A-Figure Vulture. Thanks to the good folks at Hasbro we now have a look at some of the figures we can expect.

marvel-legends-series-6-inch-figure-movie-2-packs-iron-manFirst up is a new 6 inch Iron Man figure. The colors on it remind me of his initial look in the Ultimates comics by Millar/Hitch. Every time Iron Man appears in a new movie he has a different armor, and that looks to be the case for this movie as well.

marvel-legends-series-6-inch-figure-movie-2-packs-spider-manNext we have another movie version of Spider-Man. It looks similar to the previous version that came in the Captain America: Civil War 3 pack.

marvel-spider-man-homecoming-legends-series-6-inch-figure-assortment-spider-man-homemade-suitThis may be one of the few movie figures I actually purchase. This is the homemade Spider-Man costume. I like this this one because it reminds me of the original Scarlet Spider costume with the hoodie with the colors reversed.

marvel-spider-man-homecoming-legends-series-6-inch-figure-assortment-spider-man-web-wingsIf you have seen the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, you have probably seen the scene where he leaps backwards over the helicopter and it shows the webbing under the arms. This looks to be the upgraded version of the suit from CIVIL WAR.

marvel-spider-man-homecoming-legends-series-6-inch-figure-assortment-vulture-build-a-figure-1Here we have the movies villain Vulture in all his glory! I am really digging how this figure looks. The wings look to be articulated nicely and the helmet evokes the feeling of a vulture. The bomber jacket looks great and the feet have talons to really drive home the avian theme.marvel-spider-man-homecoming-legends-series-6-inch-figure-assortment-vulture-build-a-figure-2

marvel-spider-man-homecoming-legends-series-6-inch-figure-assortment-vultureThe Iron Man and Spider-Man figures will be apart of a movie 2-pack and will be available in the Fall. Though not pictured, the Spider-man figure will come with alternate Tom Holland head. Look for the Spider Legends Homecoming wave to be available this Spring. Look for more figures in the wave to be announced soon.



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