Iron Fist Trailer

Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailerscreenshot_2017-02-07-11-44-55

This morning Netflix released the trailer for their upcoming series Iron Fist. This is the fourth original series based on one of Marvel’s street level heroes, following behind Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

screenshot_2017-02-07-11-37-36The series follows Danny Rand as he attempts to return to his life after having been presumed dead in an plane crash with his parents.

Now, let’s discuss the trailer.

screenshot_2017-02-07-15-51-35It begins with Danny walking into the Rand Corporation off the street barefoot. He speaks to a receptionist and introduces himself. screenshot_2017-02-07-15-51-53Security shows up and try to escort him out of the building. He quickly disposes of them and makes his way upstairs in an elevator.screenshot_2017-02-07-15-52-38

Right off the bat I am liking what I am seeing. He is a martial artist even more so than Daredevil, so I would expect him to deal with low level guys pretty quickly. Next, it shows us that he was the lone survivor of the plane crash.screenshot_2017-02-07-15-53-13

About midway through the trailer we get a look at who will probably be his main antagonist in the series. screenshot_2017-02-07-11-39-52He is the current CEO of Rand and is not happy about Danny’s return. We also get the return of a character we haven’t seen since season 1 of Daredevil, Madame Gao.screenshot_2017-02-07-11-42-09 It looks like she is back selling her product and will be a major issue for Danny. screenshot_2017-02-07-11-41-08Also returning again is Claire Temple. She sure is good at getting into the inner circle of these guys. She is going to be an ally to him along with Colleen Wing. screenshot_2017-02-07-11-45-39She is another martial artist who wields a katana. I am very excited to see some sword fighting.screenshot_2017-02-07-15-54-58 This series looks to be the first to use visual effects in a much more dynamic way. When he uses his Iron Fist abilities, it is noticeable. Power surges to his hands and it looks awesome.screenshot_2017-02-07-15-59-33

He smashes the ground and it sends shockwave around him. If one of the Netflix guys could make the jump to the movies, it would be him. He would fit right in.screenshot_2017-02-07-15-59-47

Go to youtube and check out the trailer and post your thoughts. All episodes arrive March 17. That day can not get here fast enough.

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