Coming Soon:Figure Preview

Marvel Legends 12 inch Deadpool

Last year at SDCC we got a look at a Deadpool figure coming to the 12 inch line. Now we are getting final packaged photos and can see all the cool accessories he will be coming with.

marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-deadpool-1First up are these swords. These gorgeous swords!  I’m always a sucker for a figure with swords and these do not disappoint. They are perfect for a mercenary who can heal from pretty much any injury. I like that they don’t have a guard. It makes them seem more modern. They actually remind of the swords Raiden used in Metal Gear Solid 4 so these get two thumbs up.

marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-deadpool-2Next we have a couple of Deadpool themed pistols. Not that realistic, but it’s Deadpool! Who cares?!  There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to holster them on his body, but for a character that breaks the fourth wall, we can just pretend they are hidden behind his back.

marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-deadpool-3What’s a Deadpool figure with some kind of taco or burrito? A pretty boring one, which why Hasbro is blessing us with what looks to be a fully loaded Chipotle burrito. He will also come with an alternate head with exposed mouth. I mean, how else is he supposed to down that burrito? The only thing missing is a frosty bottle of Coke. He will also come with alternate hands to hold the burrito and show you his satisfaction with it.

marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-deadpool-4Finally he comes with a little floating Headpool figure with stand. They really packed in the value for 49.99. You are definitely getting your money’s worth here. He will be coming out this SPRING so be on the look out for him. He will be available and most retailers and online at HasbroToyShop.marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-deadpool-in-pkg

I’d buy me!marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-deadpool-5-copy


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