Figure Review

2017 Marvel Legends Black Panther20170209_092708

Finally I have 6 inch Black Panther in my collection and it does not disappoint! This is basically the same figure that came out a while back in the Rocket Racoon wave of figures. 20170209_092700I have had my eye on eBay for that one hoping for a price drop but i no longer need to worry about it. That version commanded a high price on the secondary market, though it has gone down since the arrival of the Civil War version and now this one as well. 20170209_093519When he is released here, he will be a Walmart exclusive. As a collector, I hate when they do things like this, but what can you do? I obtained my copy from TOY DOJO at their physical store, but he is also available on their site for 29.99. This was imported from overseas early, so there is a little bit of a markup.

20170209_095126Now, on to the figure. I really like the paint deco on this guy! Being that it is the Black Panther, there is only so much you can do with paint apps. The line work on the hands and boots are done very well and the eyes are painted well with none out of place.

20170209_094258Once again, he is using the Bucky Cap mold and that’s fine. It comes with quite a few accessories which is always a welcome sight with a Marvel Legends figure. Though there are a couple of missed opportunities in my opinion.20170209_095259 In terms of accessories he come with a necklace, an additional set of hands, a spear and a cape. He comes packaged wearing the cape but it is removable by popping his head off. I will be displaying mine without the Cape because I have never really cared for that look. 20170209_133400His spear is the same that came with Krave the Hunter but with new paint apps. As far as weapons, this doesn’t make much sense to me. He doesn’t use one in his current series and it looks pretty low tech. Maybe the tip is vibranium? Anyway, he comes with an additional set of hands to hold it, but I was unable to get the hands off my copy. I pulled pretty hard but they wouldn’t come off. I may try later to heat it up to soften the plastic. 20170209_133218He also has a necklace included that I think was a good idea to include. It gives the figure more character and really stands out against the black of his costume.

As far as missed opportunities, I think they could have forgone the spear and maybe added an alternate T’challah head. Even if it was the movie head that would have been fine. I also would have like to have had an Infinity Gauntlet hand to mimic his appearance in Secret Wars. It could use the same peg size, but not be articulated, that way it could peg in and go a little further on the forearm.

20170209_133046As far as articulation there is nothing new here. The head looks up a good bit so you can get him into some good stalking poses.

So glad too finally have this figure. I am on my way to creating an Illuminati display now. Now Hasbro just needs to give us a new Mr. Fantastic and Beast to go with Namor, Black Bolt and Dr. Strange to fill out this team. When he releases at Walmart, expect him to retail for 19.99 and be extremely hard to find.


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