First Look: Marvel Legends 12 Inch Figures! Thor! Hulk!

Marvel Legends 12 Inch Figures! Thor! Hulk!

So it seems i missed an email earlier from the good folks at Hasbro. Yesterday Hasbro revealed figures from the upcoming Spider-Man:Homecoming Legends wave. Today they have revealed new figures in their 12 inch line and I may be on board with these. The original three they released were cool and had a lot of cool accessories, but i couldn’t get past the price point. 49.99 was a bit much for what were basically up-scaled versions of figures I already owned. That is not the case now.

marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-thor-1Coming this FALL we are getting a 12 inch Thor figure that has a look I have not seen to date. When you want to do something like this, which is basically the equivalent of a Masterpiece Transformer, it needs to stand out and offer something a general release doesn’t offer. He will come with interchangeable heads, one with beard and helmet and one with no helmet and beard. marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-thor-2The detailing on it is gorgeous. The tunic over his waist and the cape look to be made of some type of cloth and that is just awesome. This means you can probably pose him in some pretty dynamic ways and not have the costume hinder too much. Really excited for this figure.

marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-hulk-1Next up is a true hulk of a figure! Not only is this Hulk in the new 12 inch scale massive, it’s not even 12 inches! This figure will clock in at 14.5 inches so even in this already massive scale he is even bigger than expected. That couple of extra inches comes at a premium however.This figure will set you back about 75 bucks. Ouch. marvel-legends-series-12-inch-figures-hulk-2It comes with two heads; angry Hulk and calm Hulk. I really hope it comes with a little bit more than just that though what accessories really make sense for Hulk? Giant piece of rock? Display stand with cracked ground? Maybe a little Bruce Banner figure?

Hasbro is really making a push behind these 12 inch figures to make them something really special. I am impressed with these and will start a GoFundMe for that Hulk. Let me know if you would like to donate(kidding). Post your thought on these and feel free to share!


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