Marvel Unlimited Update Spotlight

Daredevil Annual #1:The return of Echo

Marvel Unlimited is Marvel’s on demand comic subscription service that offers an impressive catalogue of over 17,000 comics and growing. Each week, new comics are added as well as older issues. There is a 6 month gap between physical releases of new release comics and when they arrive on the app.

This week I want to shine the spotlight on a book that I somehow overlooked when it originally released. Daredevil Annual #1 features a story with a character we have not seen in a while. Maya Lopez, Echo is somehow mysteriously resurrected and is back in New York.

She played a role in one of Moon Knight’s adventures while he was operating on the west coast.  She was assisting him in trying to recover a head of an Ultron, when they crossed paths with Count Nefaria who was also after the head. moonknightnefaria16Needless to say, they were hopelessly outmatched. She was killed in the battle and it was the last we saw of her until now.

We aren’t given an explanation of how she is back but I’m sure they will get around to it in the main book eventually. 5346117-3ddann2016001_int2-2The story begins with her at a concert when the song the musician is playing begins changing everyone into Klaw clones.daredevil-annual-attack

She is unaffected because she is deaf. She leaves to go find Daredevil and she gets to him as the sound wave was about to reach him. She protects him with headphones and plays some Prince to cancel out the noise. They make their way to the Office of Emergency Management where broadcast warnings are, well, broadcast and hatch a plan to counteract Klaw’s effect. echoWhile Daredevil is out fighting the Klaw clones with the headphones on, Echo uses her abilities to mimic the original song and plays it backwards over loud speakers to defeat Klaw.

At the end of the adventure Daredevil is ready to go after the musician and find out what he knows about what happened. Echo, stops him and asks how the song she played sounded. Daredevil remarked that it was the best song he has ever heard.


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