DC Icons Forever Evil Black Adam Review


DC Icons is the super detailed action figure line from DC Collectibles. This line features designs based on appearances in various comics throughout DC Comics history, both recent and past. I got this guy on sale on Fresh Figures for 16.99 with free shipping.

20170212_190754Black Adam. His design is based on his appearance in the Forever Evil series. Forever Evil is a storyline where the Justice League is defeated by The Crime Syndicate, their doppelgangers from a different reality. They are eventually defeated by Batman, Lex Luthor, Black Adam and the Injustice League. When the event first began, Ultraman fought and defeated Black Adam because he saw him as a threat. He crushed his jaw to prevent him from saying “Shazam”.

20170212_181925The design of this costume is slick. The torso has a finish where part is shiny black and matte black. The Shazam lighting bolt on his chest is painted to simulate his power surging on his chest. 20170212_182013The tip is not connected to the lower part to allow for some articulation in the abdomen. His boots, belt, bracers an the trim on his cape are painted in a gold metalic paint.

20170212_181856What the figure has in detail, it loses in articulation. The head can’t look up and can tilt down just a bit. The upper torso joint does not move down but can turn left an right. The ab crunch allows him to look down. The arms can stretch out straight and has articulation at the bicep, double jointed elbows an wrist rotation. There is no thigh swivel. This makes posing in action stances less than ideal. This seems to be an issue across the DC Icons line. The knees are double jointed an there is rotation at the boots an ankles.

20170212_192101The Icons line does pretty well when it comes to accessories. Black Adam comes packaged with two additional sets of hands. One set looks like they are for grappling or holding something. The second pair are the real gem. They simulate his lightning with translucent tips.20170212_191714

Black Adam is probably my second favorite DC character. My favorite would be the master of escape Mr. Miracle…20170212_191108

Black Adam has been out for a year, so he may not be as widely available anymore, but you should be able to find him at most comic shops and at some online retailers. As I am writing this, there are currently four left on Fresh Figures on sale for 16.99.


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