Retail Adventures

The Search for Darkhawk and Angela

20170213_141409This past weekend I found myself on Marvel collectors website, not looking for anything specific, just looking. The first post I see says that the new Guardians of the Galaxy(GOTG) wave of figures were starting to appear at Walgreens. Searching for action figures at Walgreens is a bit tedious. 20170213_141344The stores don’t get full cases to display. For some reason, they split the cases between multiple stores so you have to search them all if you are trying to complete a set. The first store I stopped at had three figures for sale. They had Yondu, Major Astro and Starlord. I have no interest in movie figures and Major Astro is low on the list of figures I want to add to the collection. 20170213_141309I went to another not too far away and they has none of the wave. Before I went home for the day, I stopped at one more store. And they had…nothing. No big deal. The next day I stopped at three more stores. Still nothing. 20170213_141331Sunday came and I didn’t bother going to any. On Monday I was out doing some runs and decided to stop at a Walgreens I had never been before. They had some GOTG figures, but not the ones I wanted. Once again it was more movie figures, Drax and Yondu. 20170213_141252I was beginning to think I wold never see Darkhawk or Angela. I went home for lunch and on a whim stopped at the store near my house. There were two figures sitting there. The exact two I had been searching for. Victory!20170213_141313


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