Character Spotlight: Miles Morales – Spider-man

Miles Morales: Spider-man

Miles Morales was created in 2011 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli as the new Ultimate Spider-man. He first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4, the mini-series about the effects of the death of Peter Parker on the Ultimate universe. His design was inspired by President Obama and Donald Glover(Childish Gambino). He is of African-American and Puerto Rican heritage. He is the first black Spider-man but the second of latin decent to have the moniker of “Spider-man”. The first was Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-man of 2099.

miles_morales_earth-1610_from_ultimate_comics_spider-man_vol_2_1_page_10Miles got his powers in the same manner as Peter Parker. He was bit by a spider that had been experimented on by Norman Osborn. Though he received his powers in the same manner, his powers manifested in different ways. miles-morales-invisibilityIn addition to enhanced strength, speed, “spider-sense” and the ability to stick to walls,  he also has a venom blast and sting and a camouflage ability. His sting has a delayed reaction on most opponents causing them to be incapacitated moments after he has stung them.

Though he began his life in the Ultimate universe, he managed to survive the destruction of his home reality by hitching a ride on The Makers life raft.

He gained the favor of the Molecule Man, who was the power source for the new reality, by giving him a cheeseburger he happened to have in the pocket of his costume. Keep in mind they were in suspended animation for 8 years after the final incursion and did not see him until he had been on Battleworld for and week or so. Despite the age of the burger, the Molecule Man, Owen Reese, remembered him and made it so he now existed in the main universe along with his family and best friend Ganke.

5218466-five-reasons-why-spider-man-aka-miles-morales-will-be-the-main-superhero-in-marvel-com-604691Since joining the main universe he has been an Avenger and most recently a member of the team of young heroes, the Champions. He played a pivotal part in the recent Civil War II story, where it was predicted he would be the cause of the death of Steve Rogers. trampo07The Inhuman who predicted it did not specify when it would happen, so it is possible he could still come to blows with him. Currently Steve Rogers is a Hydra agent, so the fact that no one knows this and that there is an upcoming crossover where he tries to take over the country, could explain what was foretold.

m0gd4ly9hure0b5j1e5oMiles Morales has enjoyed some widespread media exposure in his short existence. He has been featured in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon voiced by Donald Glover and has recently been confirmed to be the lead in the animated Spider-man film that will follow the live action movie. It is going to be a theatrical release and will hit theaters December 2018. spider-man-6-inch-ultimate-spider-man-miles-moralesHe has had a few action figures made in his likeness, but only one of them really worth getting. The newest version uses a new teenage boy body mold that fits the age of the character perfectly.

Since debuting in 2011, he has consistently been one of the best written heroes. He has an aptitude for science that makes him comparable to the Peter Parker in his younger days. It is not always shown, but it is a part of his character. Overall he is a great addition to the pantheon of heroes and will for sure be around for generations to come. Check him out in his solo series “SPIDER-MAN” and in the pages of “CHAMPIONS”.537bcfc2204f0



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