2017 Transformers Titans Return Perceptor

Perceptor is part of the 4th wave of Titans Returns figures soon to be released. I obtained my copy from Toy Dojo. The owner imports some figures from overseas to give his customers a chance to purchase them earlier than regular U.S. retail. If you are ever in the Austin area you should check out the store. If you are not, they have an online store that can meet your needs.

20170208_221613Perceptor once again has a microscope alt-mode. His last release had him turning into into some kind of truck with treads. I never got that version and always considered getting one on eBay. I am glad i did not. The legs on that figure looked very large and out of proportion with the rest of the body. This figure is proportioned perfectly.

20170202_095152He comes packaged with a tech spec card, a sniper rifle and his shoulder cannon that doubles as the microscope eye piece lens and tube. 20170215_134218The head, as with other Titans Returns figures is a figure itself. It is called Convex and features no paint in his robot mode.

The transformation is pretty intuitive and does not really require looking at the instructions. The legs become the base for his microscope mode and his chest is the stage. The lens and tube has a feature that extends the tube to simulate zooming in and out.

As much as I like the figure, I have a couple of issues with it. One gripe with the figure is that the shoulder cannon is on the wrong side. 20170208_221910It should be on his left shoulder. The other is his “tank” mode. I use quotes because the it is at the bare minimum a tank because of the treads on the inner leg and the fact that the lens becomes the tank cannon. 20170215_140046This hidden mode is ugly and while a nice inclusion, I don’t think i will ever use it in a display. These are relatively minor issues and should not hinder anyone from adding it to their collection.20170215_141446

He should be available soon at U.S. retailers, but if you can’t wait you can find him on Toy Dojo for 24.99.


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