First Look: Marvel Legends Roleplay. Starlord Helmet! Mjolnir!

Marvel Legends Series Starlord Helmet & Mjolnir

Are you ready for this year’s Marvel movies? Are you the type to show your fandom in how you dress? Well, if you like to engage in cosplay, Hasbro has got you covered. Coming this fall are a couple of new items in their Legends Series premium Roleplay line, Starlord Helmet and Thor’s Mjolnir!

Just to refresh your memory, last year Hasbro launched a new line aimed towards the crowd who like to dress up as their favorite heroes. The initial offering consisted of Ironman’s helmet and Captain America’s shield. The helmet included lights and sounds and the shield came in two versions. A metal version that retailed for 299.99 and a plastic version for 99.99. Both featured leather straps. The line was obviously well received because they are expanding.

marvel-legends-series-star-lord-electronic-helmet-1-black-backgroundThe Starlord Helmet is magnificent! The helmet is movie inspired and is in a 1:1 scale. The detail on it looks to be really well done and has light up eyes. If it is like the Ironman helm, the lights in the eyes will have adjustable brightness. marvel-legends-series-star-lord-electronic-helmet-2The straps on the inside are made to fit pretty much any adult head size. If you can fit your noggin in a snap back you should be okay.

marvel-legends-series-thor-mjolnir-1Mjolnir will have a deco inspired by its appearance in the movies. The handle and head will have intricate detailing. The handle will have a leather strap do you can try to spin it and take flight! Just do it from a standing position. No jumping off roofs please! marvel-legends-series-thor-mjolnir-2Surprisingly they found a way to add lights and sounds to it. The rune on the hammer will have light up effects to make you feel like you are wielding the power of Thor!

They will both retail for 99.99 and will be up for preorders this Saturday. They will be available at most retailers and online at HasbroToyShop.



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