Toy Fair 2017 Generations Reveals!

2017 Transformers Titans Return Reveals

If you’re like me and couldn’t make it to New York for the Toy Fair, don’t worry! Hasbro has been kind enough to send over some images from their presentation! I am going to post them without any commentary. Enjoy!

Topspin Vehicle Modetopspin-vehicle-mode

Topspin Robot Modetopspin-robot-mode

Titan Master Freezeout

Decepticon Krok Beast Modedecepticon-krok-beast-mode

Decepticon Krok Robot Modedecepticon-krok-robot-mode

Titan Master Gatorface

Decepticon Quake Tank Modedecepticon-quake-tank-mode

Decepticon Quake Robot Modedecepticon-quake-robot-mode

Titan Master Chasm

Many of us may already have these via Toy Dojo, but if you know anyone who is waiting for the domestic release, feel free to share this page and check out the Facebook page as well. More to to come from Toy Fair, so check back in a bit!

(They left out a few images in the first email! Here is some more for you guys!)

Blitwing Jet Modeblitzwing-jet-mode

Blitzwing Tank Modeblitzwing-tank-mode

Blitzwing Robot Modeblitzwing-robot-mode

Titan Master Decepticon Hazard

Cloudraker Beast Modecloudraker-beast-mode

Cloudraker Robot Modecloudraker-robot-mode

Decepticon Octane Jet Modedecepticon-octone-jet-mode

Decepticon Octane Tanker Modedecepticon-octone-vehicle-mode

Decepticon Octane Robot Modedecepticon-octone-robot-mode

Decepticon Overlord Battle Station Modedecepticon-overlord-battle-station-mode

Decepticon Overlord Jet Modedecepticon-overlord-jet-mode

Decepticon Overlord Tank Modedecepticon-overlord-tank-mode

Decepticon Overlord Robot Modedecepticon-overlord-robot-mode

Magnus Prime Vehicle Modemagnus-prime-vehicle-mode

Magnus Prime Robot Mode(Different name but it looks identical to Powermaster Prime, correct me if I’m wrong.)magnus-prime-robot-mode

Metalhawk Jet Modemetalhawk-jet-mode

Metalhawk Robot Modemetalhawk-robot-mode

Tidal Wave Battleship Modetidal-wave-vehicle-mode

Tidal Wave Robot Modetidal-wave-robot-mode

Twintwist Tank Modetwintwist-vehicle-mode

 Twintwist Robot Modetwintwist-robot-mode

Windblade Jet Modewindblade-jet-mode

Windblade Robot Modewindblade-robot-mode


I will continue updating this page with more images as well as the Trypticonreveal with additional images.


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