Figure Review

Marvel legends Guardians of the Galaxy Angela

Toy Fair has shown us a lot of what we will be able to purchase down the road, however, there is great stuff for sale right now! For example, the just released Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy series Angela.

How is Angela a Marvel Legend when she first appeared in Spawn, an Image comic? Well, it had to do with who has the rights to character. After a lengthy court battle between artist Todd McFarlane and writer Neil Gaiman, Gaiman won the rights to the character. 3e281ef127fa23887a422f5034381adeHe promptly sold the rights to Marvel who debuted her at the end of the Age of Ultron storyline. All the time traveling that was done in the event broke space-time in the Marvel universe, allowing some characters to slip through cracks(Angela, Galactus) and preventing some(Original 5 X-men) from traveling back to their point of origin.

In her back story in the Marvel universe, she is the long lost sister of Thor (Odinson) who was taken by Angels as punishment against Odin because he betrayed them. Odin thought she had been killed and thus sealed their entire realm away. She eventually joins up with the GOTG and goes on a few adventures with them. That’s why she makes sense in this line and not the Thor Ragnarok line that will be released later this year.

Anyway, back to the figure.

20170222_140906This is an impressive figure. Despite the fact that the character doesn’t have much in the way of clothing, there is a lot going on. It seems that this is an entirely new mold. The arms, legs, torso and belt are all new and unique to Angela. I not sure who else they could use this mold on, but I am glad they went all out. It really makes the figure a must have. 20170222_143628The head looks like it may be a reuse of the Medusa head, but I’m not sure because(sigh) I don’t have it. The paint on the face and eyes on my copy is applied neatly without any getting outside the lines.

The accessories are pretty cool. Angela comes with a sword and two axes (?). 20170222_143512The sword is molded in a gold plastic with the blade painted in a metalic silver. 20170222_142622It has a sheath that is molded onto her belt and skirt that is brown with the tip painted gold. I love when a character comes with a sword. 20170222_141402The two axes are also molded in a gold plastic, the the hilts are painted brown. She also comes with a ribbon I think she has used as a weapon before.

The articulation is done very well for the most part. The neck has a disc hinge that allows it to look up a bit despite the hair. The elbows and wrist are not hindered, despite the mold of the armor. 20170222_143705The armor on the shoulders does prevent it from extending straight out though.

This is an awesome figure. Did I say that already? You should definitely add this one to your collection. She’s available now at most Walgreens and shold soon start popping up everywhere else. You may have to search a bit though. Happy hunting!


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