Flight of the Raptor

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Darkhawk

Darkhawk has long been a favorite of mine in the Marvel universe. The first exposure I had to him was in Amazing Spider-Man #353. In the story he tried to assist Spider-man in dealing with a breakout at a jail. He was young and inexperienced and almost inadvertently caused harm to civilians. At the core, his story was always about having great power and learning how to use it responsibly. He’s never been an A-list character and unless you happened to come across him in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man or New Warriors, you may not have even thought twice about him.

Like most characters, he has gone through some changes and has grown as a character. He has gained new abilities and even new forms over the years. The version we are getting in his Marvel Legends release is a hybrid of his form that he gained during the War of Kings crossover, though he didn’t have a grapple claw.20170215_155121 He came into contact with another who had the same type of amulet as him, but with greater control over his abilities. He said he could teach him more about his amulet and the Fraternity of Raptors that it belonged to. The other Raptor opened his mind to allow him to more fully understand what their mission was. Once this happened, he realized that the order was a group of assassins. He tried to get away but had his mind suppressed, with the former persona of the amulet, Razor, taking over. They allied themselves with Vulcan, the third Summers brother who was ripped from his mother’s womb and raised as a slave. He used Darkhawk to kill Lilandra, the former Majestrix who was trying to reclaim her throne. After he had done this, he fought to regain control of the Darkhawk body and succeeded.

20170215_155346The paint that is present on the figure is well done. Where it is applied on the visor and on the chest amulet, it is painted neatly with none out of place.

He does not come with any accessories, unless you include the BAF piece. He comes packaged with the head for Titus.

20170215_190142The articulation is pretty well done with him being able to look up quite a bit for flight poses. The shoulder pieces are hinged so they do not hinder the arms from getting into flight poses as well.

While I am pretty satisfied with how the figure came out, I have one gripe. The mold for the legs seems off a bit. When I line up the leg according to the muscle scupt, it seems like it was put together from two different molds that aren’t quite compatible. It’s weird. Maybe it’s just mine.20170227_220541

He is available at most retailers and comic shops. I found mine at Walgreens. That seems to be the best place to look right now, at least until Toys R Us clears out the Rhino, Dormammu, Ultron and Onslaught waves. I really wish they would clearance them or sell them to Ross.


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