Retail Adventures

The Drudgery of the Hunt

Oftentimes buying figures at retail can be quite tiresome. You find out a store is carrying a new wave of figures you want to buy. Excited, you jump in your car and make your way there. You trek across the store to the Toy section in search of your prize. Upon arriving at the specific section of figures you are after, you see that you are not the first to arrive.

When I go hunting for a new wave, I usually have a predetermined order for what I want to buy. It begins with most desired on down to just need it to complete a set. Specifically with Marvel Legends there is always one I look for in a set immediately. I will most often hold off on purchasing other available figures in the set because I try to budget how I buy them and I don’t want to blow the budget before I find the one I really want.

Recently Target has been the exclusive home of the new Marvel X-men Legends wave. So, for now, they are the only place to find them. In this wave we have; Colossus, Jim Lee Cyclops, Disco Dazzler, Polaris, Shatterstar, Sunfire and Old Man Logan. Pretty great wave overall with some fan favorites and some more obscure characters.

The figure I have been hunting for primarily is Colossus. He has always been in my top five X-men which also includes Iceman, Havok, Archangel and Psylocke. Well, I have an Iceman, Archangel and Havok. I don’t have a Psylocke or a Colossus of any kind, so when I saw that a new version was available, I just had to go look for it. The problem is, everyone else wants him as well.

My attempts at finding him have been unsuccessful. The first place i went had been almost picked clean. I was not the first to visit this particular location and only Polaris and OM Logan were left. They aren’t high on my priority list so I left them and got back in my car. The next location I went was completely sold out. Another fruitless trip. It was about a week and multiple trips to the same locations before I finally decided to go down the list and purchase a figure of lower priority.

I managed to acquire Sunfire and Shatterstar. They are pretty cool figures, which is why they were numbers 2 and 3 on my list. For now the hunt is over. At least until tomorrow.



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