Vintage 90’s Action Hero

Marvel Legends X-men Series Shatterstar

Shatterstar is a character I know almost nothing about. He first appeared in New Mutants as a member of Cable’s team which would eventually become X-force. He would later join X-factor Investigations. He originated from Mojoworld where he was genetically engineered to be a warrior.

While I wouldn’t say I am a fan of the character, I do like what Hasbro has given us here. They captured that 90’s feeling in this figure pretty well.

Pointless pouches? 20170303_114752Check.

Ridiculous headgear?20170303_114731 Check.

Odd shoulder armor on only one shoulder?


Thigh band that serves no discernable purpose?20170303_114739 You better believe it.

The articulation on the figure allows a character who is agile and fast, to be put into many poses to emulate his comic appearances.

The head is on a ball jointed disc. There his rotation at the upper bicep and wrist. He has double jointed knees and elbows. There is rotation at the upper thigh and the ankles can pivot 360 degrees.

As far as accessories, he comes with two swords. One single blade and one double blade. They both have spikes on the hand guards. The scarf and shoulder pad can be removed by removing his head. He also comes with the right arm of the Warlock BAF.

While he is definitely the most obscure character in the wave, I think he may be one of the best. Though I may be biased because I always enjoy when a figure comes with swords. Hopefully Hasbro will give us more members of X-force to complete the team. You should definitely add him to your collection.


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