The Atomic Curmudgeon

Marvel Legends X-men Series Sunfire

Out of all the figures in this new wave, Sunfire was a must get along with Colossus. While I have yet to find a Colossus, I have acquired Sunfire. This isn’t my favorite costume of his,(that would be the Age of Apocalypse suit) but I have always appreciated the design.

The paint on my copy is applied neatly. It is a little fuzzy at the base of the neck. The detailing around the eyes and on his forearms and shins is painted in a gold metalic paint.

This figure uses the new Spider-man 2099 mold. It fits him well, allowing for some pretty great flying poses. As far as accessories, he comes with two flame effects that fit over his hands. He also comes with the torso for the Warlock BAF.

I have yet to get all the figures in this wave, but I think this may be my favorite. The articulation coupled with the flame effects and the fact that it nearly completes my Uncanny Avengers Unity Squad display, make this a cherished addition to the collection. Hopefully we’ll get his Age of Apocalypse costume down the line.

Is this a figure you are burning to get or are you getting him just to complete Warlock? Let me know and don’t forget to share!


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