Missed Opportunities

The Risk of Trying to Buy Exclusively At Retail

During my time as a collector of action figures, there have been a few waves that I have completely missed on. Sometimes it is because of some kind of exclusivity on a website or at a certain retailer. Sometimes it is because I am not aware of when it is available, what locations have them or the budget doesn’t allow for the purchase.

The first time I missed a wave was the Rocket Racoon wave. The figures featured in this wave were Black Panther, Jim Lee Jean Grey, Modern Hawkeye, The Wrecker and Scarlet Spider Kaine. As far as I know, it was only released in comic shops an online retailers. Every figure in this wave can be found on eBay now, but for a price I can’t quite justify to myself.

The second wave I completely missed on was the Puck wave. I knew this was exclusive to comic shops and online retailers. I actually saw the Sabretooth and Cyclops figure at a local comic shop but did not want to pay the price they were selling it for. I still want the Sabretooth so I may end up biting the bullet on this one. The Emma Frost, online, I have seen going for close to a hundred dollars. My collection is telling me yes, but wallet is saying get real your wife will kill you.

Another I missed was the Combiner Wars Aerialbots. Superion was always my favorite Transformer combiner. I had plenty of chances to get this wave at retail, but kept telling myself next time because I chose to buy some Marvel Legends instead. When I finally decided to get the set, it was no longer available at retail. Online, the price has tripled for most of the figures. There is a G2 set available for a reasonable 70 bucks, but I can’t get past the color.

Recently I have missed 3 waves of Marvel Legends figures. I tried to get the Jubilee wave but was only able to get Cyclops and Stryfe. Magneto and Storm can be found on eBay, if I’m willing to pay close to a hundred each. The Sandman and Space Venom waves have been virtual no shows at the usual hunting grounds. I think it may have something to do with the fact that the All-father wave has been on the pegs for over a year. Seriously, clearance those suckers and move on. From these two waves I have one figure from each; Miles Morales Spider-Man and the Jackal. The Spider-Man I got on Entertainment Earth for 17.99 because the box was not mint and Jackal I found hidden behind some Onslaught wave figures. The Onslaught wave is another I have not completed, but that is mainly because I didn’t want most of the figures. I sometimes will pass on figures if I have no intrest in the BAF or if some of the wave is movie figures.

My goal going forward is to start budgeting ahead of time and ordering complete waves online. I like being able to walk into a location and walking out with something, but it gets annoying not being able to obtain something simply because it has not been made available in your favorite hunting sites.


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