I Could Have Passed On These…

Did I Really Need To Get These?

Occasionally as a collector, you may have buyers remorse. This is usually due to disappointment with a figure you had some high hopes for. Sometimes it comes with figures that you didn’t really want, but bought to complete a set. This has been the case with three figures I recently picked up for sale at Walgreens.  For the last week or so, they have had a sale on some the older Marvel Legends lines that have been cluttering the shelves.

The lines for sale included all older waves except the recent Guardians of the Galaxy wave. The figures I decided to pick up were Captain America, Agent 13 and Mockingbird. I decided to get these because i wanted to complete my Onslaught BAF. These are some of the most wack figures i have ever purchased. If you haven’t guessed yet, i will be going in on these figures. Let the tear down commence.

Let’s start with Mockingbird. Mockingbird is a character I followed for a while. She has been a sleeper favorite since she returned to the land of the living. She was long thought dead until she seemingly reappeared during Secret Invasion. The Mockingbird that exited the Skrull ship was a Skrull, but the real one later escaped and met up with the Avengers who were in hiding during the Dark Reign. She rekindled her romance with Hawkeye for a bit before they went their separate ways again. The costume this figure is using, is the one she had during the series she costarred in with Hawkeye and in New Avengers. 20170314_203425The paint on her left leg is not applied evenly. I tried to line it up, but it just looks wrong. 20170314_202523The torso seems to have been constructed poorly. When it is posed standing straight, there is a gap on the back. If you lean it forward just a bit, you can see the peg where it connects to the lower torso.20170314_202412I am not sure how this made it past QC, but this is just shoddy. The articulation leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to pose this figure is a chore. There is a thigh cut, there is no boot cut. 20170314_203411The arms bend front and backwards almost equally. 20170314_202435The head can’t look down or up because of the stiffness of the hair. I really wanted to like this figure, but it just fails.

Next up is the Agent 13 figure. It sucks. It uses the Black Widow movie mold so it already has that against it.20170314_203555 I don’t collect the movie figures. The only thing original on this figure is the head and it is terrible.20170314_203534 It just looks like crap. Whoever did the mold for this figure should have been fired. I don’t have much else to say about this one because I can’t stand to look at it. Ugh.

Finally, Captain America. This figure is actually okay. It is just your classic Captain America with shield. 20170314_203635Nothing too disappointing here except the Cap-Wolf head. It was a good idea. The execution just leaves a little to be desired. 20170314_204024In the comics when he transformed, it ripped his costume revealing the fur underneath. I get why they did not do that with the mold. They like to reuse molds often. How many Bucky Cap mold figures have we received so far?20170314_203849

The wave as a whole was pretty blah, so I’m not sure why I thought it would be different once i got them in hand. These guys are going into the drawer for my boys to play with. They have no place on my display shelf. The best figures from the wave were Taskmaster and Scourge. I don’t really want to get the remaining figures, but i am so close to finishing Onslaught. But even for the 11.99 price point I purchased them for, it doesn’t seem worth it. Maybe I’ll just buy the remaining pieces on eBay.

What have you purchased recently that made you think you made a mistake? Share your thoughts and don’t forget to share the post if you enjoyed it.


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