Marvel Animated

Why isn’t there a Skottie Young based Marvel Show?

In the landscape of Marvel animated series, their isn’t a whole lot of diversity of style. At the moment, there are about 3 shows on Disney X-D that all follow the same type of art style and story structure. I think what we need right now is a show that is in the same vein as Super Hero Show or maybe the Marvel equivalent of Muppet Babies. I think it should be based on the art of Skottie Young.marvel_what_now_cover_by_skottieyoung-d6d50rz

Skottie Young got his start with Marvel illustrating the Spider-man Mangaverse series as well as New X-men. His work on the Wonderful Wizard of Oz has landed on the New York Times best selling list and has garnered an Eisner Award. He has a very animated art style that would easily translate to the small screen.superior_foes_of_spider_man_by_skottieyoung-d6d50zs

My vision for the series would have the studio adapting stories from the comics as well as original episodic content. Ideally, the show would not have an overarching storyline, allowing for original stories.deadpool_baby_variant_by_skottieyoung-d5cpu4v Do you remember Muppet Babies? That show was awesome because every episode was a new adventure. I miss shows like that. Shows with consistent storylines are great, but sometimes it’s nice to watch something without having to invest too much time following a story.

Check out Mr. Young’s art and comment your thoughts.


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