Is it better in black?

2017 Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-man

After searching countless retail locations, I have finally obtained the black suit Spider-man. This costume first appeared during the original Secret Wars series when the Beyonder brought a bunch of earth’s heroes and villains to a planet to battle.

Spider-man found the symbiote and began wearing it, eventually bringing it back to earth with him. The symbiote increased all of his abilities and made him much stronger. It unfortunately also began to affect his mind. 20170317_140533He rid himself of the suit and it made its way to Eddie Brock, who became one of his most fearsome enemies, Venom.

20170317_140752The figure is a reuse of the pizza-eating Spider-man with all of the same articulation, so nothing new there.

20170317_141143The Spider symbol is done in a plain white paint that was applied pretty well with just a few spots of black showing through.

20170317_141211The head seems to be a reuse of the Scarlet Spider head, molded in black plastic with the eyes painted white.

20170317_141304There are a few areas on my copy where the paint was scraped due to posing. Unfortunate, but no big deal.

He comes with a set of wall crawling hands and a couple of pieces for the Sandman BAF.

20170317_135920Overall, I am pleased with this figure. Hopefully I can locate the rest soon to complete Sandman. I have a local store who is trying to order some of the other figures in the wave for me, so hopefully in the next few weeks I will have the wave completed.


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