It’s not that bad…

Iron Fist(1-7)

All over the Internet, Iron Fist has been getting some poor reviews. These reviews came out before it was released and tainted my perception of it a bit. And for the most part, the reviews were spot on. Through a certain lens.

When comparing the series the ones that came before(Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage) then, yes, it is lacking that special sauce. Not every story is going to be high art. Sometimes, you have to turn off your sensors and just treat it as a summer popcorn flick. You can enjoy it without expecting too much from it.

screenshot_2017-02-07-15-57-18The fight scenes seem to have been nerfed just for the sake of creating drama. For a master martial artist, he takes way too many hits from low-level guys and he has not had his moment yet where you go “oh, my god, that was awesome!” We all remember the hallway fight scene from the first season of Daredevil and when Luke Cage stormed Cottonmouth’s building tanking through a hail of bullets. That is missing through the first 7 episodes.

screenshot_2017-02-07-11-39-52The story with the Meachams was more interesting than what was going on with Danny. Throughout the first 7 episodes you don’t really get an idea of what his motivation is. This can be a little frustrating seeing as how this is the lead-in to the Defenders.

Overall, the first half is okay. Not great, not good, just okay. It almost seems like a car crash. It’s not great, but I can’t look away, so there must be something it’s got going for it. What it is, who knows?


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