Transformers Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetus (Cheetor)

Ah, Memories.

Following the success of Optimus Primal, Takara has released their second Beast Wars Masterpiece figure, Cheetor. Transformers with an animal alt mode always have a bit of robot showing and that is the case here as well. There is almost no way around it sometimes. With a beast form like Cheetor’s, where he changes from a lithe cheetah to a robot, it’s hard to find places to hide its robot parts. Luckily, since this a Masterpiece figure, it is kept to a minimum. The only visible robot parts in beast mode are his robot feet on his hind legs. Cheetor comes with three different heads for his beast mode. He has a relaxed face, surprised face and sly face. These are all show accurate.

It’s always nice to have display options, though it doesn’t matter much to me, as I will have him displayed in bot mode. His beast form is articulated pretty well. You can get him into some dynamic running poses. Where Cheetor really shines is in robot form. When you buy a Masterpiece figure you are buying it for show accuracy. Cheetor looks like he was ripped directly from season one of Beast Wars.

The articulation on this guy is amazing. There were times I forgot this was a Transformer. That’s a good thing. I didn’t get Primal, but I am really thinking about getting him after handling Cheetor. Apparently the next Beast Wars Masterpiece we will be getting is Dinobot. Hopefully he will turn just as well as Cheetor.


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