With great hype, comes great scrutiny…

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2

Today Marvel Studios has released its second trailer for the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming movie. This movie is a shared venture between Marvel Studios and Sony. Sony still holds the rights to Spider-man, but is allowing Marvel to take over production of the film. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Obviously, don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled on the upcoming movie.

Alright. Let’s dissect it.

spider1Going back to Civil War, Tony Stark made Peter a new suit to help him take down Cap and friends. We didn’t get to see too much of what Stark gave him because the focus wasn’t on him. Starting in the first frame we see that the spider on his chest can launch off and fly like a drone. They seem to be adapting the Iron Spider suit in a way that makes sense in the MCU.

Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-03-48Peter accidentally reveals his identity to his new friend Ned Leeds. It not clear if they are roommates at school like Miles Morales and Ganke. They look to be lab partners and Peter even lets him try on the mask. Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-04-09I think he may be a version of Ganke, if not in name, appearance and personality. He even seems to be an avid LEGO collector like Ganke.

Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-04-53The villain of the movie, Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, sounds like he is a regular criminal. He remarks on how people like Stark have changed things and it is time for them to change too. Perhaps he is some kind of inventor? Maybe a weapons dealer?Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-05-01In any case he is next shown flying in his Vulture harness. This looks pretty good. I do wonder though if they are going to transfer anything from the Amazing Spider-man movies. If you remember, Osborn had a warehouse full of weapons waiting to be used. We saw one of those in action at the end of the movie, the Rhino suit.Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-04-23 If they use this as inspiration, it would make sense how some criminals could get such advanced weapons. Oh, yeah. Donald Glover.

Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-09-09Peter wants to go after them, but Stark tells him to stay out of it because there are people who handle this sort of thing. He wants him to focus just on being a friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-05-36Of course he doesn’t and he goes to fight the Vulture and his crew on a ferry.

Spider-man gets help from Iron-man saving the boat and the people after the Vulture uses a weapon to split it in two.Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-05-52 He then tells him to give back the suit. Peter tells him that he is nothing without the suit, to which Stark tells him if that is the case maybe he shouldn’t have it.Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-06-42

It seems he won’t have the more advanced suit on for most of the movie. The Vulture finds out who he is at some point and threatens him and everyone close to him.Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-07-32 We also see him fighting the Vulture in his homemade suit in what looks like it could be the final fight of the movie. Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-07-56There is also a shot of Peter at what could be a homecoming dance about to kiss his possible love interest for the movie.Screenshot_2017-03-28-12-08-10

Overall, this trailer has me really excited for the new movie. I am a little annoyed that the villain seems to have found out his identity in the movie. This means that the Vulture will probably be dead by the end of the movie. I’m really hoping this isn’t the case. It would be nice if they change from the MCU standard and allow this one to survive. It could set up for a Sinister Six appearance later down the line.



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