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New Release Roundup

Time to take a look at a few comics that made it onto my devices this week. I get my comics digitally so I can read them on the go.



X-men: Prime by Marc Guggenheim/Art by Ken Lashley, Leonard Kirk and Ibrahim Roberson. Cover by Ardian Syaf.

This is the jumping on point for what the X-books will be doing starting in April. Storm is stepping down as leader of the X-men, feeling as if she has not been leading the group in the right direction. She goes to the recently returned to Earth Kitty Pryde, to offer her the leadership position. The Original Five leave the mansion to take on a mission they think none of the older X-men would want them to go on, so they leave a message looping as a Danger Room session. They are questioning their place in the current time line and are wondering if they are even from the same timeline. There is also a story setting up a new Weapon X comic with Lady Deathstrike. The big reveal at the end of the issue is that the school is now located in Central Park. Not sure why the city would be cool with that, but I’ll see where that goes. Overall, I wasn’t wowed by what I read but it’s just a jumping on point for new readers. It would have been nice to see what is going on with Emma and Magneto.



Kill or be Killed Vol.1 by Ed Brubaker / Art by Sean Phillips / Colors by Elizabeth Bretweiser

I first became aware of this series through an Image Comics Humble Bundle. The plot of the comic is that a depressed guy tries to commit suicide because he is in love with his best friend who is dating his roommate. He overhears them saying how they pity him and this drives him to throw himself off their apartment building. Miraculously he manages not to die, but later finds out it wasn’t an accident. A demon claims he saved his life and he now owes him a life in exchange or he will kill him. The demon tells him he has to kill bad people in order to gain one month of life per each life he takes. This leads him down a road of trying to determine who deserves to have their life taken in order for him to gain another month. I have been a fan of Brubaker’s going back to when he was writing Captain America. His work does not disappoint.



Black Widow #12 by Chris Samnee & Mark Waid / Art by Chris Samnee

This has been one of the best titles coming from Marvel over the last year. This is the final issue of this volume and that’s a shame. What I like about this series is that it is a self-contained story, untouched by whatever major event(Civil War) was going on during the last year. Natasha is trying to prevent another product of the Red Room(Recluse) from launching some nukes and tries to make her kill a young girl to do it. Widow cleverly avoids this and turns the girls against her. They are then found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who has been watching the whole time along with Tony Stark who has already found foster homes for the girls and plans to fund their educations as far as they wish to go. I’m really hoping we get another Black Widow series with this creative team. Their story from start to finish has been epic.



Transformers : Lost Light #4 by James Roberts / Art by Jack Lawrence

The story follows Rodimus and the crew of the Lost Light, as they have just ended up in a parallel universe where the functionist council rules Cybertron. Luna-z, Cybertron’s missing moon comes back but as a weapon to wipe out life on Cybertron. Also, Whirl’s nemesis, Killmaster has zapped Ten and Swerve out of existence and is planning to do the same to Cyclonus and Whirl. This is a really good book featuring the Transformers. I just wish there was an Adult Swim Transformers series based on this book.



Lazarus #26 by Greg Rucka / Art by Michael Lark

Forever and some of the other Lazari, are deployed to a war zone where they come against a new Lazarus deployed by a rival family. This guy is a beast. The Lazarus are all capable warriors and he makes short work of them. Joacquim is used by his family to betray the other allied families and this causes them to retreat. Also, Johanna Carlyle gets Dr. Barrett to make a serum that can free Forever from the Families control, while allowing her to keep her special abilities. This is another series that I came across via Humble Bundle.


That’s it for this week. I think I may make this a regular feature, so check back next week for more new releases I have an eye on.


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