Marvel Legends Warlock Series Colossus

Huzzah! After searching countless Target stores for Colossus, I finally located him at Walgreens. Was it worth the gas spent driving all over town to find him? Yeah, it was worth it.

The costume they used is his modern uniform. I like it. It would have been cool to get his classic costume with the shoulders and short pants, but this is great. The colors are classic Colossus.

The articulation is good for the most part. He can look up and down easily and can get into some nice bodybuilder poses. He only has single jointed elbows, but that’s probably because of the bicep. That’s the only real issue with the articulation.

As far as accessories, he comes with an alternate bearded head and the head to the Warlock Build-A-Figure.20170321_094532 He also has an alternate saw hand for Warlock. I like the bearded look for this costume. I think it works better for a more modern look.

The clean shaven version would fit in fine with a classic team display though.

It’s nice to finally have a six inch scale Colossus in my collection. Hasbro has been really good to X-men collectors lately and I hope they continue the trend. My wish list for the next wave is for Gambit(with charge effects, swappable hands,etc.), Psylocke(classic or armored, though armored version would be awesome), Sunspot, Nightcrawler, Multiple Man(original X-factor costume), Beast and Exodus with the Build a Figure being a new Sentinel.

I also picked up the Jim Lee Cyclops while I was hunting for Colossus. That post should be up soon. Check back soon and don’t forget to like the Facebook page for notifications of new post.


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