Needs more optic beam…

Marvel Legends Warlock Series Cyclops

Here he is folks, the first X-man himself, Cyclops! This is one of the most sought after figures in the wave. Everyone wants a Jim Lee Cyclops for their collection. I like the figure, but I don’t love it. Let’s take a look at him.

20170323_112451For most of us when we think of Cyclops, this is the costume that comes to mind. Hasbro did a great job giving us this iconic version of the longtime X-men leader.  20170323_112525The head sculpt is what really makes this figure shine. The visor has a nice gold paint on it that gives it a nice metalic look.

Technically, Cyclops doesn’t come with any accessories. I say technically because the loose pieces on him are things that should have been molded on. 20170323_112806I don’t consider his bandolier an accessory because it’s part of the costume. It looks pretty good except for the fact that it is kind of orange. He is packaged with the left leg of Warlock.

The band’s on his thighs and calves are loose pieces that fall when breathed on. This is disappointing. I also think it is long past time for Hasbro to include a swappable hand and an effects piece. 20170403_201405He just looks kinda boring on a shelf holding his fingers to his temple. A different head with some energy coming out would be awesome as well. Maybe one day we’ll get these.

Despite a few small issues with loose parts, this is a pretty good figure. It’s not my favorite of the wave, but it is high on the list. The thing that would have put him in the top spot is some extra parts like an optic blasting head or extra hand. If you have this guy, what do you think? Post a comment, share the post and check back for more.


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