Comics you should check out

Some of my favorite releases this week

Not a lot caught my eye this week, but the ones that did were pretty good. Take a look.


snapshot(2)Batman #20 by Tom King / Art by David Finch


This is the conclusion to the I am Bane story and it shows Batman getting a beat down from Bane. Bane is one of the few of Batman’s Rogues who can really push him in a fight and this one is no different. Throughout the fight, Bane repeatedly tells him that he will beat him, he will kill him, etc. Batman responds with what will probably make Batman fans swoon for years to come,”I’m still here”. He follows this up with a headbutt that lays Bane out and finishes the fight.


snapshot(6)Uncanny Avengers #22 by Gerry Dugan / Art by Pepe Larraz / Cover by David Marquez


The Uncanny Avengers have finally finished their fight against the Red Skull, now all that’s left is what to do with Xavier’s brain. Steve Rogers has designs to use get a hold of it, but Rogue doesn’t trust anyone with it. She enlist the help of Johnny Storm to incinerate it in the sky. Rogers is unhappy with this because of his own secret agenda. The issue ends with a curve ball i did not see coming. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been keeping up with this title, but Rogue and Deadpool. That’s a thing now. So, yeah.


snapshot(7)Captain America: Steve Rogers#15 by Nick Spencer / Art by Javier Pina & Andres Guinaldo / Cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto


This issue directly follows the events of Uncanny Avengers#22. Steve has allowed the Red Skull to escape back to his home overseas and go to meet him there. The Red Skull begins to berate Rogers for allowing the Unity Squad to attack him and take Xavier’s brain from him. He responds by kicking him through a window, seemingly killing him. The picture shows pretty clearly that he is dead, but this is the Red Skull, who knows. This leads to Rogers assuming sole control of Hydra. He has all his pieces in place and will soon launch his Secret Empire. The idea behind making Cap a sleeper Hydra agent changed by Kobik is a story I didn’t mind letting gestate. However, the fact that he knows the Skull altered his mind and past, kinda makes me scratch my head. He knows, but doesn’t care because, summer event I guess? In any case, you might have to turn your brain off a little to let that plot point slide.


snapshot(5)The Walking Dead #166 by Robert Kirkman / Art by Charlie Adlard


This issue shows the aftermath of the Communities fight with the Whisperers and opens with the revelation that Andrea has been bitten on the neck. With the show folding Andrea and Mischonne into one character, it’s possible we just read how Mischonne will exit the show. However, Mischonne herself is still alive in the comic, so who knows. Just keep it in the back of your head. Sherry and the Saviors, who are tired of Rick and others like him, show up with guns drawn to force Rick to let them out of the alliance of communities. While Rick is trying to talk rationally with her, she gets increasingly agitated to the point she tries to stab Rick. He kicks her off and she snaps her neck on a table ala Million Dollar Baby.  Andrea comes in and collapses showing Rick her wound. Walking Dead is always good with much better pacing than the show.



snapshot(8)X-men Gold#1 by Marc Guggenheim / Art by Ardian Syaf


I really wanted to like this issue of X-men. I like most of the lineup, they are back in New York and they are trying to be traditional heroes again. On paper this should be a home run. I’m not sure if it’s because i feel like i have read this before or it’s the art I’m not in love with, but i didn’t get that “I really want to see what happens next” vibe. It did clear up a thought about how the city would feel about someone trying to squat in Central Park. Kitty got served an 18 million dollar bill. Ouch. I’m wondering who’s funding them now. Xavier is dead, Emma is persona non grata and unless they found a secret inheritance from Xavier, they won’t be in Central Park for long. I’ll give this one until the end of this arc to see if I will continue to follow it.


snapshot(4)Nova #5 by Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez / Art by Ramon Perez


I knew it wouldn’t last long, but I thought they might make it a year before they take Richard Rider from us again. Apparently the thing they have been fighting since Rider has returned is a piece of the Cancerverse that has followed him back. Of course he sacrifices himself to send it back because as long as here is here, blah , blah, blah. I really wish the Ultimate Universe still existed so we could have had some of these stories I don’t like shunted off into their own universe.


That’s it for this week. Check back next week to see more goings on in the world of comics.


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