Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer

Today Marvel Studios released their first teaser trailer for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, here you go!


This trailer is easily better than the previous two Thor movies combined. Let’s take a frame by frame look at some highlights from the trailer.

It begins with Thor in chains, in a place that may be Hel.

Next, we get a look at a confrontation between Hela and Thor.

After catching Mjolnir is midair, she destroys it.

We get a quick shot of Hela in her headdress from the comics.Screenshot_2017-04-10-10-42-14

Followed by her arrival in Asgard and standing in front of the asgardian army.

She declares it is the end of Asgard and proceeds to devastate the city.

We see Thor getting captured by the Grandmasters people…

…with help from Valkyrie.Screenshot_2017-04-10-10-43-35

We get a shot of a Valkyrie possibly fighting Hela.

Valkyrie drops Thor off to the Grandmaster.

Some closeup shots of Grandmaster and Valkyrie.

Heimdall is looking a little rough.Screenshot_2017-04-10-10-45-15

Keith Urban as Skurge the Executioner.

More shots of the battle in Asgard and…


The trailer ends with Thor facing Hulk in an arena.

The Thor movies have always been the lowest on the list of Marvel movies for me. This might be the lone Thor movie I might enjoy. Screenshot_2017-04-10-10-49-40I like that Thor’s gladiator helmet is reminiscent of his traditional helmet and Hulk is wearing his Planet Hulk armor. I am also glad Hela will be wearing the headdress in the movie. A few things missing from the trailer are the Warriors Three and Sif. Hopefully we will get more of them than we have previously gotten.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Post and let me know if you are looking forward to this release as well.



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