Marvel Legends Warlock Series Polaris

I have begun to amass a bit of a backlog of figures. First world problems, right? Anyway, the next figure I want to take a look at is the new Polaris figure.

When I initially saw the previews last year for this series, this was one of the figures I was really looking forward to. Once I got it in hand and out of the packaging I was really underwhelmed. First let’s look at the things I like about it.

20170406_231138The look of the figure is great. This is basically how she last appeared in the Magneto Last Days story.

I am pretty sure this is the Scarlet With head with green paint. The hair looks pretty good and doesn’t hinder movement. It actually helps keep the cape in place. The body is the Kate Bishop Hawkeye mold. The head looks a little big on the body.

20170404_113126The main thing that bugged me about Polaris when I got her out of the packaging was how stiff her ankle rockers are! I really thought I was going to snap the feet off trying to pose it. She will most likely always be displayed using a flight stand to avoid trying to moving the feet.20170404_112220

As far as accessories, she comes with two energy effects molded in a neon green, a cape and the left leg of Warlock.

I have already spoke my thoughts on the energy effects. They are fine. Her cape is made of a soft rubbery plastic that kind of reminds me of the cape I got with my DC Icons Black Adam figure. It pegs into her back and stays on pretty well.

Overall, Polaris turned out okay. Despite some ankle issues, I am glad to have it. Hopefully we will get some more X-factor members soon.

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