Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi Trailer

As long you aren’t living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen the new Star Wars trailer. Oh, you do live under a rock? Here, check it out.

I. Can’t. Wait. Well, I mean, obviously I can, I just wish I didn’t have to. Let’s take a closer look.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-14-51This image has nothing to do with story content, it just gives you goosebumps when you see it.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-13-59The first thing they show is the island Luke was hiding out on.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-13-52Rey looking out over the ocean. I wonder if this is her version of Dagobah.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-13-32Looks like she is getting greater control of her force abilities.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-13-04General Organa looking at a star map. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-12-06Not sure what this is, but it looks important.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-11-56A map?

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-11-44Rey training with the light saber while Luke watches.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-11-14What are they doing?

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-10-53Flying towards a squadron of AT-AT walkers.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-10-25Poe Dameron almost made it to his ship.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-10-08Kylo Ren is back with red eyes. Killing his father seems to have drawn him closer to the dark side.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-09-50I think we will get to see what led to Ren’s downfall and Luke’s exile.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-09-59Kylo Ren and crew.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-09-42Glorious space battles!

Screenshot_2017-04-14-23-09-26Luke suggest maybe the Jedi should end.

December can’t come fast enough. I really want to see what went down at Luke’s Jedi Academy. I also want to see Rey’s training. This should be a good one.


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