The Sinister Six

Screenshot_2017-04-14-09-20-24The Sinister Six first appeared in Spider-man Annual #1. The “team” formed after Doctor Octopus got out of jail, and frustrated by his losses to Spider-man, called upon every villain he knew to get help in defeating him. The only ones to respond were Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Electro, Vulture and Sandman.

Screenshot_2017-04-14-09-30-10The problem with them coming together was that none of wanted to work directly together to defeat Spider-man except Vulture, so they all individually took him on. Naturally they were all defeated in that same issue, because in those days they could tell a story and wrap it up in the same issue.

SPIDER-MAN SINISTER 6 3.75-Inch Amazon Exc - Vintage pkgHasbro revealed during Toyfair 2017 a box set featuring all six characters and Spider-man in the 3.75″ scale. This set is currently up for preorder exclusively on Amazon.

IMG_5006-1The box features artwork of the original annual on the spine and has Spider-man featured on the front in a little bubble. The back shows all the figures in the set.IMG_5007-1

This is a neat set that I would be interested in if it was in the six-inch scale. If it was in the six-inch scale, that would mean we would be getting a Doctor Octopus, Comic Vulture and Mysterio in this scale. Hopefully we get them soon. Usually when they make a figure in the smaller scale first, the larger scale comes later.





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