Comics you should check out: Secret Empire Edition

Normally when I post this, I try to spread it around as far as the comics I want to spotlight. However this week we get the launch of what will be the final big event from Marvel for a while. And just from reading the issues I have so far this week, it’s going to be a classic. Before you start down the path of Secret Empire you should go all the way back to Captain America: Sam Wilson. This is when the Kobik program was first revealed as something S.H.I.E.L.D. had in the works.Screenshot_2017-04-19-12-17-23

Though Hill denied it in public, the program continued. The results ended up being a special kind of prison for supervillains. Bucky finds out about the prison and passes the information on to Steve who immediately goes to check it out for himself.Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-15-49

Well, Zemo had already been freed by Fixer from the effects and started a revolt. Unbeknownst to anyone, Red Skull infiltrated Pleasant Hill to retrieve his cosmic cube, now a little girl called Kobik. He used Kobik to change Doctor Selvig to a Hydra loyalist and planted the idea that a persons best self was realized only in Hydra. So, when Captain America was getting killed by Crossbones, she restored him to his youthful age with a little something extra. Red Skull had her rewrite his past into that of a Hydra agent.

He first revealed himself to Doctor Selvig when the Skull sent him to kill him. Steve, who was already beginning his grand plan, betrayed Red Skull and saved Selvig. Unfortunately, Jack Flagg saw Doctor Selvig so he kicked him out of the plane they were in, putting him in a coma. He would later die from his injuries.Screenshot_2017-04-19-15-12-24

He had also captured Zemo when he rescued Selvig, but did not tell the Skull about this either. Apparently in his rewritten past, he and Zemo were best friends. He had a lot of plans in motion such as using the Americops to wear down Sam into giving up the shield,Screenshot_2017-04-20-09-49-12 which i think was to rob the people of a symbol to get behind, orchestrating an attack by the Chitauri, using the Unity squad to get the brain of Xavier from Red Skullsnapshot(6) and ousting Maria Hill from her position and manipulating things so he would eventually be placed in charge. snapshot(7)Once he had all his plans in place he executed them by killing the Red Skull by throwing him out a window.Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-12-11 He then assumed control of Hydra and began his attack. He disables the planetary defense shield to allow the Chitauri to begin attacking the planet, sends the former inmates of Pleasant Hill to overwhelm the heroes of New York and uses all the chaos to have the president transfer all authority to him.Screenshot_2017-04-20-09-43-06 At the end of issue 0 of Secret Empire, he has trapped Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight outside the shield, trapped most of the heroes in a dark dimension in New York and is making his way to D.C. to take the capital. It has been a long journey to get here but it is one that is satisfying in its execution. Well, at least the beginning has. Marvel’s events tend to lose steam sometimes. Hopefully, that won’t be the case here. If you have read it, post your thoughts on this story. Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-11-55


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