Marvel Legends Sandman Series Shocker

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Shocker first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #46 and was created by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. He started off as a small time crook who used his knowledge to build gauntlets that would allow him to crack safes easier and quieter.Screenshot_2017-04-21-17-08-27.png He defeated Spider-man during their first battle because he had been previously injured in another fight. In their second confrontation, Spider-man stopped him by webbing his thumbs to prevent him from activating his vibro shocks.

20170404_115823Shocker was a hard figure to find. This whole wave has been hard to find. I found Symbiote Spider-man at a Walgreens, Jackal at TRU (they also had Spider-UK, but I passed on him), and I found Shocker at a local comic shop (Dragon’s Lair – Austin).20170404_115839

Now that I have it, was it worth the time searching for it? Just for the fact that it fills out my Superior Foes of Spider-man display, yeah, it was worth it.20170421_112655

The figure uses the Bucky Cap mold, so no surprises with the articulation. The paint on him is done very well.20170421_112733 Shockers costume has a padded quilt like pattern that protects him from his gauntlets. The lines are applied very well. I do wish they would have put a wash of some kind on the knee pads. They look out of place on the figure.

He is packaged with two energy effect pieces and one of the legs to the Sandman figure. I know it’s more cost effective to reuse the mold over and over, but I wish they would make the pieces unique to the character.20170418_103735 Shocker’s gauntlets vibrate the air in the direction his hands are pointed. So if anything, they should have molded them in a clear plastic. I guess I should be grateful they included it.

Shockers a pretty cool figure that I am glad I was able to find. Hopefully I’ll be able to locate the rest of the wave soon.

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