Hot Toys Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Mark 47

Looks like we will be getting our first high end merchandise from the upcoming movie pretty soon! Exclusive to is the newest in the Power Pose sixth scale series, Mark 47. marvel-iron-man-mark-47-sixth-scale-figure-hot-toys-902987-09This thing is beautiful. The look of the figure is based off of the latest iteration of Iron Man’s armor in the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming film. The armor is inspired, I believe, by the Ultimate Universe Iron Man armor.marvel-iron-man-mark-47-sixth-scale-figure-hot-toys-902987-10

The figure features 28 LED lights throughout the figure. It comes with articulated head and arms, interchangeable fist, repulsor palms and a figure base.marvel-iron-man-mark-47-sixth-scale-figure-hot-toys-902987-11

The Mark 47 is currently up for preorder and  is estimated to arrive sometime between July and September. It’s a limited edition, so act fast if you want this one for your shelf. These types of figures tend to run a little high, but this guy seems worth the sticker price. At 189.99 before tax, it seems like a steal for such a detailed and  screen accurate figure. But, don’t let the price scare you. They have payment plans.

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