Why I believe Doctor Octopus has supplanted Norman Osborn as Spider-man’s Greatest Enemy

Spider-Man has one of the greatest rogues gallery in all of comics. He has enemies who range from minor threat to guys who should be on the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar.

The villains who (in my opinion) have had the greatest impact on Peter Parker’s life are Norman Osborn, The Jackal, Morlun and Doctor Octopus. Let’s look at why these are his top villains.

Screenshot_2017-04-25-21-42-39First up is who most would consider Spider-man’s greatest enemy, Norman Osborn. He is one of the most enduring of his enemies and caused one of the greatest tragedies in his life. His throwing Gwen Stacy off the bridge is the reason many consider him his greatest enemy. There was also the questionable retcon of his impregnation of Gwen Stacy prior to this. Beyond these reasons I can’t think of why he would be considered his greatest enemy. Most hated perhaps, but not the greatest.

Next is the Jackal. We should all hate him simply because of the clone saga. His act of cloning Peter and making him believe he was the clone, changed things for Spider-man for years after the fact. He is also responsible for one of the worst storylines in Spider-man history, Maximum Clonage.

Screenshot_2017-04-25-21-35-30Third we have Morlun. Morlun is one of Spider-man’s newest rogues, but he is one of his deadliest enemies. He was able to easily overpower Spider-man and even “killed” him. Luckily, Peter was host to the Other, a Spider totem connected to Spider powered people. It allowed him to defeat Morlun and scare him off for a time. But Morlun was after him as a meal. There was no grander scheme at play.

And now, Doc Ock. This guy has gone through so many changes and has recently become the go to villain for writer Dan Slott. He has during his tenure writing Spider-man, made him into the most formidable villain in Spider-man’s rogue gallery. So what are my reasons for him naming him the greatest?

Screenshot_2017-04-25-21-37-07He switched bodies with him and took over his life. Somehow from his prison cell, his body breaking down from all the damage it took in battles against true super humans, he managed to send an octobot to switch minds with Spider-man. This essentially freed him from prison while also giving himself a new lease on life. I didn’t care for the concept of the story but it was executed well.Screenshot_2017-04-27-13-04-50

Screenshot_2017-04-27-13-15-47He once held the world hostage with technology he could have used to save it. Spider-man and Silver Sable trekked around the world to stop him with him indirectly causing the apparent death of Sable. Of course we find out later she survives. During this story he also managed to defeat the Avengers with help of his Sinister Six. He is the original mastermind of the Sinister Six.

Screenshot_2017-04-27-13-09-54He once dated and nearly married Aunt May. Can you imagine watching your mom date your greatest enemy and nearly have to call him dad? What’s worse than that? How about due to the mind transfer and Doc Ock having all his memories, Spider-man had his as well and “experienced” his memories of him being with Aunt May? Gross.

Screenshot_2017-04-27-13-17-16Even after he heroically deleted himself from the body of Peter Parker to save Anna Maria Marconi, he still managed to survive. Due to the events of Spider-verse he learns that he loses the body of Spider-man and immediately enacts a plan to survive. He downloads his consciousness into a spare octobot and tries to take Peter’s body back. He fails but is able to transfer himself into the Living Brain and secretly sabotages Peter behind the scenes.

ASM2015029covDuring the Clone Conspiracy story, he allies himself with the Jackal and takes the perfected clone body that he infused with his own DNA to make himself into the Superior Octopus. He is now working with Hydra and is positioned to be an even bigger threat. He now has a precognitive sense similar to Spider-man, he has increased strength, speed and agility.

I’m curious to see what role if any he will play in Secret Empire. I’m sure that he will be visible in some way, at least in Amazing Spider-Man. Also, as long as Dan Slott is writing Amazing, we will continue to have more and more reasons why he is Spidey’s greatest enemy because he seems to love Doctor Octopus.

Who do you think is Spider-man’s greatest enemy? Post your thoughts and feel free to share!




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