DC Comics Darkseid Premium Format Figure

Here he is. The Dark God, the Lord of Apokolips, seeker of the Anti-Life Equation and wielder of the Omega Beams, Darkseid. This is a gorgeous depiction of Darkseid. Is it appropriate to call Darkseid beautiful? Well, anyway, this figure is sculpted amazingly. It depicts him in his classic tunic and helmet. It would be cool to get a limited edition version of the new 52 Darkseid, but this will do nicely.

Darkseid is limited to 1000 pieces and will run you $599.99. Of course you can always set it up for a payment plan and pay as low as $150.00 a month. That’s not bad assuming you have the cash to burn. The email I received said it was up for preorder but the site says it is shipping now, so get it while you can.

Image Gallery


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