Captain America Sixth Scale Figure by ThreeA Toys

With the current story surrounding Steve Rogers, I’m sure we could all use a reminder of the hero’s more heroic form. ThreeA Toys has teamed with artist Ashley Wood to bring us a stylized version of the good captain that I think looks pretty great.marvel-captain-america-sixth-scale-collectible-threea-903031-06

The look of the figure is designed by Ashley Wood. I know his work best from the Metal Gear Solid comics. I’m pleased with the look he has designed for this figure for the most part. The only part I don’t care for is the chin guard. It doesn’t look bad, it just makes him look like Robocop in a Captain America cosplay outfit.marvel-captain-america-sixth-scale-collectible-threea-903031-08

Cap comes packaged with his iconic shield and three sets of interchangeable hands. The costume has magnets hidden on his back and on his arm to attach his shield. The tailoring of the suit hides the 30 points of articulation, giving the figure a nice smooth appearance. marvel-captain-america-sixth-scale-collectible-threea-903031-02

He is currently up for preorder for about $240.00, but if that’s a little rich for you, you can space the payments out for about $54.00 a month. He should be released sometime between October and December.marvel-captain-america-sixth-scale-collectible-threea-903031-07

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