The Walking Dead Merle Dixon Sixth Scale Figure by ThreeZero

There not a whole lot of high quality Walking Dead figures out in the wild. There are the McFarlane figures that you can find in Walgreens, Toy R Us and similar places, but none of them scream “buy me!” Well ThreeZero is looking to change that with their sixth scale Merle Dixon, currently up for preorder on Sideshow.the-walking-dead-merle-dixon-sixth-scale-threezero-902859-14

This is the version of Merle that most will remember. With a pistol in one hand and his bayonet on his other arm, he is ready for walkers and the living. He is packaged with a pistol with a removable clip, and what looks like interchangeable hands for his left and right hands! Interesting decision including those, especially since they did not include an alternate outfit to mirror his appearance in season one. Maybe you can pretend he is in a flashback from before the outbreak?the-walking-dead-merle-dixon-sixth-scale-threezero-902859-20

They did an excellent job capturing the likeness of Michael Rooker. When you  purchase a figure at premium like this, accuracy is a must. the-walking-dead-merle-dixon-sixth-scale-threezero-902859-17

Merle is currently up for preorder on with an estimated release sometime this summer. the-walking-dead-merle-dixon-sixth-scale-threezero-902859-21


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