Marvel Select Spider-Gwen

With how popular the Spider-Gwen character is, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for her to be made in Select form! Diamond Select rarely disappoints with their releases and Gwen will not be an exception!RGB_2206

This version of Gwen Stacy first appeared in the Spider-verse mini series leading up to the main story in Amazing Spider-Man. Since her first appearance,  she has arguably become more popular than Spider-man himself!Screenshot_2017-05-12-21-45-18

Though they are not pictured here Gwen will come with raised and lowered hoods, interchangeable hands and a sculpted diorama base that sort of resembles The Living Brain.RGB_2213

The head has a distinctive look that looks to be sculpted quite nicely. Being that it is a Select figure it won’t have the greatest articulation in the world, but that’s okay. Select figures are more of a display piece than a toy you would play with. If you are looking for a figure with a little more articulation you could get the Marvel Legends version or, my favorite option, get both!SpiderGwenUnmasked

Spider-Gwen will retail for 24.99 and should be released soon. I wouldn’t wait too long on placing an order for her though. Just like the hard to find Legends figure, she is sure to sell out quick!



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